Fast rigorous simulator for DUV and EUV lithography: We are Fastlitho

Rigorous simulation is essential for advanced lithography, both DUV and EUV. Fastlitho offers the fastest and most accurate rigorous simulation software in the industry.

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Rigorous Simulation Software for DUV and EUV Lithography

There is no need to trade accuracy for speed: You can now have both.

Custom Software Solution

We can customize our software for integration into your in-house process flow.


We also offer lithography-simulation related consulting service.

Rigorous Simulator

Our rigorous simulator can be run from a GUI or called from any scripting language of your choice.

Rigorous Lithography Simulation Software

Custom Software Solution

Our rigorous simulator can be used for mask-inspection and scatterometry simulation too.

Custom Software Solution


If you have a lithography-simulation project but do not wish to do the simulation yourself, we can do it for you.


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